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Few among us will be aware of this and most may not be aware. Let me go with the majority of students who aren’t aware of “GTE”GTE stands for Genuine Temporary Entrant. If I can put it in simple words GTE is the main element of the application submitting to the Australian universities.
This contains all sort of details that will ensure the Australian government that you are going to Australia for gaining the quality education and you will return after your studies.
To ensure you must submit many things and that should be very genuine. Things to be mentioned in GTE:

Financial stability: You need proof that support your financial statements that you are planning to submit to the university. you should show the budget that your sponsor is dedicating towards your education. in general sponsors will be your parents, siblings or your spouse. You should possess minimum amount that will cover your first-year fees and if you have more will be addon benefit. Just remember more the fund more the chances.

Gaps in education: If you have more gaps in your education and you haven’t produced any proper document that satisfies the gaps then there are less chance of receiving university offer letter.
But if you have proper work experience in major companies after your education this gap can be considered depending on your scores work experience and connectivity to masters course you are applying for.

Value of the course in your future: The university wants to know how is this course useful to your future. They also want to know whether you really foresee the future which is related to the course you are applying for. If you have different educational background or different work experience then there are low chances of issuing offer. So, plan according to your interest and past education and experience as well.

Level of education you are applying for:Let’s consider an example to understand this. After your bachelors if you are planning to do another undergraduate course similar to the previous one university may not consider the application. To avoid this rejection, you can apply to do masters in the same field as it will be extension to your career.

Statement of purpose: Statement of purpose should be submitted with the application. In this you should give detailed explanation about above mentioned facts and some explanation about the course details, country details and some more. This need to be accurate and with full of facts. Facts and figures will always give weightage to your sop.

Immigration history: You need to give complete immigration history this includes travelled and rejected.

“Let us submit your GTE behalf of you”

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