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Make your profile international and gain global recognition through abroad education that delivers life extended returns. Seek our excellence in overseas education and move to your dream destination. Let our years of experience in organising admits to reputed student destinations guide you toward your goal.
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#1 Trusted Overseas education consultants in Hyderabad We offer counselling to choose the right institute and career path. Personalised Support for Admission & Visa application. ...
Helping Students Study Abroad
JMJ has been aiding students to pursue higher education in developed nations with our well-sorted internal processes. We strictly follow the ethical counselling process by suggesting only the most-suited programs & universities within the aspirants’ academic and financial capabilities. With our complete overseas education support, highly experienced team, and comprehensive student services package, we ensure you reach your destination without any friction. If you are seeking guidance from abroad education consultants in Hyderabad, talk to our experts and decide.
Comprehensive Counselling
Our educational counsellor’s insights enable the student to choose the appropriate specializations & universities that suit his/her career objectives.
Program Search
Your ideal program could be in any of these countries - USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, Singapore. We make it easier to pick the right one matching your qualifications.
One-on-One Interaction
Get personalised Interaction with expert abroad educational counsellor to learn about your learning options and clarify all your queries.
Boost Your Confidence
Become more independent & self-disciplined while facing new challenges in a foreign land.
Enhance Career Opportunities
You start understanding your goals & take proactive measures to enhance professional development.
Experience New Education Style
Experience more engaging & active learning style with a degree recognised worldwide.
Hone Your Language Skills
Studying abroad grants you the opportunity to master the English language. Frequent interactions with native speakers will push over command over the language to the next level.
Relish New Culture
Immerse yourself in a new culture and go beyond a purely academic experience by moving with students from different cultures and interacting with local citizens in day-to-day activities.
Personal Development
Bring out the independent being and discover yourself by adapting to diverse situations and become a terrific problem solver.
Our counsellors resolve your burning queries in no time. Let our experience in guiding overseas education aspirants enlighten you.
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Open your mind to a new world - learn something new, experience world-class
foreign education, and develop a global perspective.



INTERVIEW PLANNER Sample Questionaire
Pre CAs Interview
Plan Validity Facilities Amount
Minimal 3 Days Personalized Questionaire + 1 Mock with Corrections 4500/-
Advance 5 Days Personalized Questionaire + 1 Explanation + 2 Mocks with Corrections 6000/-
Classy 7 Days Personalized Questionaire + 1 Explanation + 3 Mocks with Corrections 7000/-

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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I choose the best destination to
study abroad?

The best study-abroad destination depends on the course you would want to pursue. Different countries and counties within them provide a diverse range of courses to choose from. Select a desired discipline that can get you to your destination. Picking the best study abroad consultants in Hyderabad will lead you throughout the process of selecting the destination, with the best suitable course for you.

2 Why should one study abroad?

Diverse range of courses
Better quality education
Better career and job prospects
Settle abroad

3How do I get started?

Attend 'Study Abroad' fairs: 'Study Abroad' fairs are conducted regularly by foreign education consultants
Read and Research: Articles and data will give you a lead towards the education consultants
Connect with Current and Past Students: This will give you insights into the university life of students who have already experienced it
IELTS and TOEFL Preparation: These exams are a proof of your English language proficiency which will allow you to get approval from a foreign university
Sort money matters: This is a crucial factor wherein you have to show that you can afford to stay abroad for the course of your program, by submitting details of your bank account. Check out for scholarship options, which will help you to secure a funding.

4 When can I start applying for study abroad programs?

Ideally, you should start preparing for abroad education once you are at your graduation level. You should be ready with the course you want to pursue as well as your destination should be decided in advance. That will help you prepare mentally. Once you complete your graduation, contact an education consultant in your city to get the best advice and further with the process.

5 What documentation should I submit with my study abroad application?

Statement of Purpose (SOP): SOP plays a very important role in making you stand out among a bunch of students. This essay is a summation of your background, reasons to pursue your desired course in that particular university, and your career goals.
Transcripts: This will consist of all your records of the courses, grades, credits, and degrees received.
Letter of Recommendation: LOR provides the admission council an insight into your life and accordingly decides your admission.
Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume: This will give a thorough insight into your academic and professional timeline. Make sure to mention your achievements, degrees, etc. Consult a professional for all the necessary pointers, if need be.
Test Scores: It is mandatory to send your results to the university to get into a particular university.
Abroad Education Consultants play an important role for the students to secure admission in their desired university.

6 Do I have to speak a second language to study abroad?

It is not mandatory to learn or speak a second language to study abroad. Majority of universities abroad have English Language as the main language.

7 Can I work while studying abroad?

Yes, one can definitely work part-time while studying abroad to support themselves financially. Different countries have different rules for students to work while studying. That would depend on that particular university that you choose and permit you to do so.

8 How long do study abroad programs take?

Study abroad duration completely depends on what country and program you choose.
An MBA program at a UK school usually takes one year to complete.
An MBA program at a Canadian university usually takes two years to complete.
An MBA program at a USA university usually takes two years to complete.
An MBA program at an Australian university usually takes two years to complete.
To know more about universities and their program details, we recommend that you contact a foreign education consultant in Hyderabad.