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The sunny islands of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, are home to a most remarkable concentration of intact built heritage, including the highest density of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in any nation-state anywhere.

Study in Malta to experience its rich history, stunning architecture, and beautiful Mediterranean beaches. As a melting pot of culture, Malta offers a great opportunity for a master’s degree in Malta. It is one of the best countries to live and work because of its economy, employment rate, and climate. Malta offers a great job outlook for skilled workers in various industries with wages lower than average across Europe, making it an ideal destination for those looking to study abroad.

Benefits of Studying in Malta for Indian Students

Studying in Malta offers a wealth of perks for Indian students, making it a best choice for those seeking an Abroad Education.

Quality Education: Study in Malta provides a robust education system with a focus on academic performance and practical learning, which helps Indian students to receive a high-quality of Abroad education that is recognized globally.

Multilingual setting: With English and Maltese as the official languages, Indian students may easily converse and learn in a location that promotes multilingualism, boosting their language skills and cultural adaptability.

Strategic Location: Situated at the intersection of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Malta provides Indian students with a strategic geographical advantage, opening up opportunities for networking and creating global relationships. Study in Malta helps you to access connection and knowledge world wide

Diverse Course Offerings: From technology and business management to maritime studies and hospitality, Study in Malta offers a diverse range of courses tailored to the varied interests and career aspirations of Indian students, allowing them to explore their passions and hone their skills in their chosen fields.

Safe and inviting atmosphere: Malta is Known for its warm and inviting residents, Malta provides a safe and secure atmosphere for Indian students, delivering comfort and support as they navigate their academic and personal goals. Study in Malta will give you safe and home-like atmosphere

Worldwide Networking Opportunities: Study in Malta will help in developing international community and close relationships with numerous worldwide organizations for Indian students, allowing them to build connections that can potentially assist their future jobs.

Scholarship Opportunities: Study in Malta provide scholarships to Indian students. International students have access to financial aid programs.

Post-study job choices: Malta allows international students to get excellent Job Opportunity enabling them to get practical work experience and explore employment opportunities in varied areas, further increasing their professional growth and career prospects.

Study in Malta with these available scholarships

  • Endeavour II scholarship
  • Live the language scholarship
  • Malta Arts Scholarship
  • AUM scholarship scheme
  • Commonwealth scholarship
  • MGSS postgraduate scholarship
  • STEPS scholarship scheme
  • TESS (Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme)

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Stay and Study in Malta

Accommodation Options:Malta offers different accommodation alternatives for students, including on-campus dorms, private homes, and communal living. Indian students considering studying in Malta, especially those pursuing a master’s degree in Malta, should consider variables such as location, affordability, and amenities while selecting their housing.

Cost of Living:While planning their time studying abroad in Malta, Indian students should budget for expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment. Understanding the average cost of living will help students manage their funds successfully during their time studying for a master’s degree in Malta.

Cultural Adaptation:Malta has a rich cultural legacy that blends European and Mediterranean influences. Indian students studying abroad in Malta should embrace the local cultures, traditions, and dialects, and actively participate in cultural events and activities to assimilate into the Maltese society.

Scholarships & Financial Aid for Indian Students:To support their study in Malta, Indian students might investigate several scholarships and financial aid opportunities offered by universities, government organizations, and private schools. They should investigate and apply for scholarships that fit with their academic achievements and financial needs, particularly those available for master’s degree programs in Malta.

Employment Opportunities and Post-Study Options: Malta provides many employment prospects for international students at the end of their studies. Indian students might seek internships, part-time jobs, and graduate programs that match their career ambitions. They should also be informed of the post-study work visa alternatives available in Malta and the essential prerequisites to acquire employment in the country after completing their master’s degree in Malta.

Scholarships:International students can support their academic plans in Malta with a variety of government and university scholarships. There is a short list of notable scholarships below. For additional information, kindly visit the websites of the universities or the Maltese Ministry of Education. Studying abroad in Malta for a master’s degree can be made more affordable with these scholarship opportunities.

Eligibility and requirements for studying in Malta

  • Mark Lists and grade cards
  • Proof of English proficiency (Results of IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Language Assessment, International Student English Test, etc.)
  • State of Purpose (we will prepare your statement)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Experience letter, if it’s mandatory for your programme
  • Medical certificate
  • Study in Malta without IELTS

Study in Malta without IELTS

International students are typically assumed to have to submit their IELTS score in order to be admitted to Malta’s universities. Students who wish to study abroad might consider it a significant obstacle. However, the good news is that you can study in Malta without taking the IELTS exam.

Students can Study in Malta without taking IELTS if you have a Medium of Instruction (MOI) letter. A Medium of Instruction Letter is a document that indicates English was used as the language of instruction throughout your previous degree or education programme. Here are the top universities that do not require the TOEFL or IELTS.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in a corresponding/similar field
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Visa (depending on your nationality)
  • Preparatory program
  • Letter of recommendation/references
  • Photocopy of identity card/other certificates
  • Application form

Fees structure in Malta

Fees for studying in Malta vary and are usually different for every course. Some universities might also charge an annual enrolment fee or even additional payment. Expect to pay a minimum of €1000 to a maximum of €5000 every year for a master’s degree in Malta. Note that tuition fees also depend on the type of your institution – private or public. If you are considering studying abroad, Malta offers diverse options for master’s degrees.

Courses offered by Malta universities

  • Master of Science Management (Human Resources)
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Management with Human Resources & Talent Development in Malta


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