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The United States of America has emerged as the leading and the hot study destination for Indian and International students and it is continuing with an increasing number of students and scholars across the world. USA’s lions share in being the host of international students is due to various factors like quality of education, wide-range specialties, flexibility, huge campuses, friendly professors, funding, infinite international opportunities and more.

About the Education System and Universities in the USA

  • Education in the United States is primarily provided by the public sector, with control and funding from three zones; local, state and federal.
  • Bachelor’s level education in USA usually starts after the fulfillment of 12 years of primary and secondary education. So, education beyond class XII is also named as      post-secondary education, in US.
  • There are over 3,800 universities and colleges in the USA, providing right from short-term certificate programs to Post-Doctoral degrees. Most students choose to  study in the USA at either Bachelors level or Masters and beyond.
  • Master’s level is the most famous among Indian students who would like to illuminate their career plans for higher education. About 78% of Indian students apply for Master’s level programs in US universities.
  • At Master’s level, Engineering and its specialties are most popular, followed by Management (MBA) and other subjects like Pharmacy and Physiotherapy. Every specialization has its own requirements for application and admission.

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List of Universities in USA

SI.No Universities
01 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
02 Stanford University
03 Harvard University
04 University of California, Berkeley
05 Cornell University
06 University of Washington
07 University of California, Los Angeles
08 University of Michigan
09 Purdue University
10 University of Wisconsin-Madison
11 Columbia University in the City of New York
12 Penn State University
13 University of Minnesota
14 The University of Texas at Austin
15 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
16 University of Southern California
17 University of California, Irvine
18 New York University
19 University of California, San Diego
20 University of Pennsylvania
21 Carnegie Mellon University
22 Princeton University
23 University of California, Davis
24 Yale University
25 University of Chicago
26 University of Florida
27 University of Maryland
28 Arizona State University
29 Michigan State University
30 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
31 University of Colorado Boulder
32 Johns Hopkins University
33 Northwestern University
34 Texas A&M University
35 Duke University
36 Boston University
37 The University of Arizona
38 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
39 University of Virginia
40 Georgia Institute of Technology
41 University of California, Santa Barbara
42 The University of Utah
43 The Ohio State University
44 North Carolina State University
45 University of Pittsburgh
46 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
47 Washington University in St. Louis
48 Tufts University
49 Oregon State University
50 Indiana University Bloomington
51 California Institute of Technology
52 University of California, Santa Cruz
53 Iowa State University of Science and Technologya
54 University of Georgia
55 Vanderbilt University
56 Georgia State University
57 University of Oregon
58 University of Iowa
59 University of Massachusetts Amherst
60 Georgetown Universitya
61 University of Delaware
62 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
63 Brigham Young University
64 Colorado State University
65 Florida State University
66 University of South Florida
67 George Mason University
68 University of Central Florida
69 University of Notre Dame
70 University of Houston
71 University at Buffalo, State University of New York
72 George Washington University
73 Washington State University
74 University of California, Riverside
75 Dartmouth College
76 University of Rochester
77 Brown University
78 Emory Universityk
79 University of California, San Francisco
80 Rice University
81 University of Connecticut
82 University of Kansas
83 University of Illinois at Chicago
84 University of Kentucky
85 University of Missouri
86 The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
87 University of Cincinnati
88 University of North Texas
89 University of South Carolina
90 San Diego State University
91 University of Miami
92 Virginia Commonwealth University
93 Rochester Institute of Technology
94 Temple University
95 University of New Mexico
96 Drexel University
97 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
98 The University of Oklahoma
99 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
100 Portland State University
101 San José State University
102 California State University, Fullerton
103 University of Vermont
104 Boston College
105 Florida International University
106 Louisiana State University
107 Case Western Reserve University
108 The University of Alabama
109 San Francisco State University
110 Clemson University
111 Oklahoma State University
112 Kent State University
113 Syracuse University
115 University of New Hampshire
117 California State University, Northridge
118 DePaul University
119 The University of Texas at Dallas
120 Auburn University
SI.No Universities
121 Loyola University Chicago
122 The University of Tennessee at Martin
123 Fordham University
124 Utah State University
125 West Virginia University
126 Texas Tech University
127 Stony Brook University
128 American University
129 University of Maryland, Baltimore County
130 Michigan Technological University
131 Tulane University
132 Southern Methodist University
133 Baylor University
134 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
135 University of Denver
136 University at Albany, State University of New York
137 The University of Texas at Arlington
138 Ohio University
139 Northern Arizona University
140 Santa Clara University
141 University of Alabama at Birmingham
142 Western Michigan University
143 Kansas State University
144 Liberty University
145 Northern Illinois University
146 University of Arkansas
147 United States Air Force Academy
148 California State University, Long Beach
149 Illinois Institute of Technology
150 Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
151 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
152 University of Missouri-Kansas City
153 College of William & Mary
154 Mississippi State University
155 Florida Atlantic University
156 Lamar University
157 Brandeis University
158 University of Idaho
159 New Mexico State University
160 The New School
161. University of Nevada, Reno
162. Montana State University
163. Binghamton University, State University of New York
164. James Madison University
165. California State University, Sacramento
166. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
167. Swarthmore College
168. Saint Louis University
169. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
170. Wake Forest University
171. Southern New Hampshire University
172. Oregon Health & Science University
173. Nova Southeastern University
174. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
175. University of Colorado Denver
176. University of Rhode Island
177. East Carolina University
178. Old Dominion University
179. Western Washington University
180. Appalachian State University
181. University of Louisville
182. Bowling Green State University
183. Kennesaw State University
184. University of Wyoming
185. Texas State University
186. Marquette University
187. Middlebury College
188. Lehigh University
189. University of Mississippi
190. University of San Francisco
191. Miami University
192. Carleton College
193. Pace University
194. University of North Dakota
195. University of Maryland University College
196. Grand Valley State University
197. California State University
198. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
199. New Jersey Institute of Technology
200. Berklee College of Music
201. Ball State University
202. Southern Illinois University Carbondale
203. Boise State University
204. Villanova University
205. Towson University
206. University of Maryland
207. The University of Texas at San Antonio
208. University of Akron
209. University of Alaska Fairbanks
210. University of Dayton
211. University of Massachusetts Lowell
212. Grand Canyon University
213. Calvin College
214. University of Massachusetts Boston
215. Wesleyan University
216. Smith College
217. Illinois State University
218. University of San Diego
219. The University of Maine
220. University of Northern Iowa
221. University of North Carolina at Greensboro
222. Creighton University
223. Bucknell University
224. University of Richmond
225. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
226. Brigham Young University-Idaho
227. Loyola Marymount University
228. Williams College
229. The University of Texas at El Paso
230. Mount Holyoke College
231. Chapman University
232. California State University
233. The University of Memphis
234. California State University
235. Pepperdine University
236. University of Toledo
237. North Dakota State University
238. Middle Tennessee State University
239. Western Kentucky University
240. Wright State University
SI.No Universities
241. Central Michigan University
242. Clark University
243. Sonoma State University
244. Yeshiva University
245. Missouri State University
246. Savannah College of Art and Design
247. Baylor College of Medicine
248. Gonzaga University
249. The University of Montana
250. Bryn Mawr College
251. Seton Hall University
252. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
253. University of Missouri-St. Louis
254. Colby College
255. Amherst College
256. Kenyon College
257. Thomas Jefferson University
258. Hofstra University
259. United States Military Academy
260. Cleveland State University
261. University of North Florida
261. Harvey Mudd College
262. Florida Institute of Technology
263. Vassar College
264. University of St. Thomas
265. Rowan University
266. Eastern Michigan University
267. University of North Carolina Wilmington
268. Humboldt State University
269. Central Washington University
270. Colorado School of Mines
271. Missouri University of Science and Technology
272. University of Southern Mississippi
273. Wichita State University
274. Medical University of South Carolina
275. Oberlin College
276. Oakland University
277. Marist College
278. University of Massachusetts Medical School
279. Idaho State University
280. East Tennessee State University
281. College of Charleston
282. Wellesley College
283. Sam Houston State University
284. California State University
285. Beloit College
286. Ithaca College
287. University of Nebraska at Omaha
288. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
289. Minnesota State University
290. Buffalo State College
291. United States Naval Academy
292. The Catholic University of America
293. Texas Christian University
294. Quinnipiac University
295. University of California
296. The Evergreen State College
297. The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
298. California State University
299. Rasmussen College
300. Washington and Lee University
301. St. Olaf College
302. Montclair State University
303. Indiana State University
304. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
305. Ferris State University
306. Babson College
307. University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
308. Stevens Institute of Technology
309. Seattle University
310. University of Colorado Colorado Springs
311. Bowdoin College
312. Bard College
313. The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
314. Haverford College
315. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
316. St. John’s University
317. School of Visual Arts
318. California State University San Marcos
319. Georgia Southern University
320. Central Connecticut State University
321. Eastern Kentucky University
322. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
323. Marshall University
324. Elon University
325. St. Cloud State University
326. Columbia College Chicago
327. Lehman College CUNY
328. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
329. The University of Tulsa
330. Purdue University Global
331. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
332. Earlham College
333. Radford University
334. Medical College of Wisconsin
335. Colgate University
336. State University of New York at Oswego
337. The University of Alabama in Huntsville
338. Biola University
339. Pomona College
340. Reed College
341. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
342. Lock Haven University
343. University of Michigan-Dearborn
344. University of the Pacific
345. College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University
346. Georgetown College


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