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Scholarship Assistance

Government of Telangana have issued a scheme to the under privileged students who are aspiring to study abroad and have capability to make difference.

CM’S Overseas Scholarship

Under this scheme the government of Telangana is giving scholarship of 20,00,000 INR or amount as per the offer letter issued to the student by the university. This is a new of its kind which is developed by the government of Telangana.

The Benefits

Fees will be paid in two instalments:

First instalment: an amount of 5 lakhs will be payable to the student upon production of the landing permit/ 1-94 card (immigration card)

Second instalment: 5 lakhs will be payable to the students upon production of first semester results.

Sanction proceedings mentioning that 10 lakhs will ne sanctioned to the individual towards fees and living expenses by the way of a grant subject to the applicant’s joining the course will be issued to the candidates selected by the selection committee.

Documents Need to be Attached

  • Caste certificate
  • Date of birth certificate
  • Aadhaar card
  • E-pass ID no.,
  • Residential/ nativity certificate
  • Passport copy
  • GRE/GMAT or equivalent qualifying exam test score card.
  • TOFEL/IELTS score card
  • Admission offer letter from foreign university.
  • Copy of latest ta assessment is to be enclosed.
  • Photo to be scanned and uploaded.


  • Must belong to a minority community
  • Have secured 60% marks or equivalent grade in foundation degree in engineering, management, pure science, agriculture etc.
  • 60% or above in PG if going to PhD
  • Have an annual family income less than 2 lakhs.

Education is passion in everyone’s life. Education in today is the synonym of globalization and in today’s fast changing corporate world, International Education is became a necessity rather than an extravagance.

In the hunt of getting an international degree or being in a global educational environment, the choice of perfect education destination becomes crucial. The temptation or over-enthusiasm of foreign education may sometimes end you up at inappropriate junctions.

Education is a smart choice for stepping students and education measures show the percentage of students by continuing their education in school, further education or sixth-form colleges or higher education in institutions and the percentage training through an apprenticeship or work-based on their learning.

Try to increment your income in other ways by small investments or a part time business it can financially make up for the deficit, that may help for your new career by pay less. It takes a great deal of courage to do something from your heart which desires the cost of some financial loss but it makes you happy.

Work gradually towards your needs and stay focus and do not allow yourself to be abstracted along the way.

Do your best educations to utilize a good memory.


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