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JMJ Educational Services provide an overall consultation on the UK education system and provide impeccable consultation for Indian aspirants who are yearning to develop or planning to switch careers with a degree in one of the British Universities. We clearly know what the universities look at while scrutinizing student applications to issue admission and make sure your application meets the standard requirements set by the respective university. Our tie-ups with top universities in the UK and our efficiency in application submission gives you a hassle-free admission process. The study in the UK creates a niche of innovation, knowledge, skills and creativity of students and the aspirants can take the guidance of the best UK abroad education consultants Hyderabad Ameerpet .

The UK universities have been in the limelight since the centuries and have set international standards in terms of education, science and technology and many other spheres over the past years. This has turned the UK into a global hotspot of international students. JMJ - UK abroad education consultants Hyderabad aid you in the most efficient way to help you accomplish your dream career. Here is a list of perks that we provide, keeping in mind the huge competition.

Our consultants sharpen your profile and make it presentable.
We will advise you on selecting your career, suggesting all the best universities matching your career objectives and disclosing the eligibility criteria.
Our dedicated consultants help you with the application and visa procedure
Conduct a one on one student training program that provides all the relevant information about your education abroad.
Conduct demo visa-interview sessions that build your confidence
Our experts will give you pre-departure guidance; air ticketing, foreign exchange, accommodation, bank account, new sim-card and other travel-related information

UK’s education bestows you with experiences that you’ll cherish a lifetime. An abroad degree either at the graduate level or post-graduation level can do wonders to a student’s career along with the contribution to the improvement in personality, broader-perspective and mastering efficient communication skills. The universities in this top nation offer a large variety of vocational and academic programs in every possible discipline making the education UK desired by people from all academic backgrounds. Further, students attain a state of overall development and complete degree with a roaring success. A consultant’s helping hand definitely plays a huge role in the timely approval of the admission and visa approval. With our fast, reliable and efficient UK education consultation services to Indian students, JMJ has become renowned as the best UK abroad education consultants Hyderabad.


When you hear the name UK, the first thing that comes to mind is its rich heritage, beautiful British culture and traditions, its lush countryside, fertile lowlands and delicious English breakfasts. Most importantly the country has the most perfectly designed educational system. It is the number one study destination for international students from all corners of the world since the beginning of the 12th century. The British educational system facilitates the students to be creative and gives freedom to develop diverse perspectives.

The UK's educational system is undoubtedly rated best in the world for delivering eminent and high professional educational training and research-oriented programs for centuries. These facilities have been attracting more and more Indians since ages to pursue degrees in various disciplines in the UK. This has led to a huge influx of applications to British universities every year making it highly essential to make your application stand among others to stand a chance of getting the admission. Being the top abroad educational consultancy in Hyderabad, JMJ guides students in submitting the admission application to the respective university with all the prerequisites.

Since ancient times, the universities of UK have set high standards to produce professionals in diverse fields. The University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester are some of the top universities in the world that are located in England. Get a chance to study at one of the premium destinations by seeking guidance from JMJ -UK Education Consultants .

The UK has so much to offer international students and here are some key reasons why overseas students choose to study in the UK.

The incredible Educational system of UK will equip you with immense knowledge.
Amplify your social contacts and place yourself among various cultures and diversities
Experience an amazing student life by joining a variety of clubs and social societies
Around 50,000 courses are offered in 25 subject areas.
Offers short-term courses that could save your tuition fee and accommodation charges.
Work while you study at a facility that helps you gain experience and cover your personal expenses.
UK is the safest and modest place to live, nevertheless the finest place to study.

To begin your education pursuit in UK, experienced UK education consultants like JMJ assist students like you with student friendly in-time services.

Employment opportunities for international students in the UK:

The employment opportunities in the UK are plenty for the qualified students with a degree from a UK university. International students are permitted to work part-time during their course duration to support the living expenses. Students holding a Tier 4 visa can work up to 20 hours a week during program tenure and are allowed to work full-time during vacations. Term breaks or vacation periods offer great scope for students to seek internships in their respective fields to strengthen their profile and also a great way to gain exposure in your field of study.

International students should stay cautious and must not breach immigration conditions as it is against the law in the UK. One should not work if the passport says ‘No Work’ and breaching this law can lead to disastrous consequences that might force you to leave to your home country.

There are hundreds of job opportunities for students, who are looking for work experience. Students can gain employment by consult your university placement cell, building contacts, observing notice boards for vacancies and searching jobs online. You can probably find jobs in any corner of the English speaking country with your degree from a British university.

After successful completion of the program, you need to apply for a work visa to stay in UK and work. Eligible candidates will be issued a two-year work permit after completion of your program in the UK. Students who pursued undergraduate and higher programs can apply for this 2-year work permit visa. Learn more about the job prospects in England by talking to the top UK Education Consultants in Hyderabad.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in UK

Each level of education in the UK has varying requirements which must be satisfied in order to gain entry at that level. Here we can see the generalized requirements to secure your admission and you can interact with UK abroad education consultants Hyderabad Ameerpet to find the admission eligibility for your chosen education level and programs.

Strong academic background.
Good command over English to be shown in IELTS or TOEFL scores.
You should have completed at least 13 years of education in your own country equivalent to UK A-levels to be eligible for undergraduate programs.
Need an undergraduate degree to apply for post graduate programs.

Cost and Accommodation in UK:

Just like the cost analysis we make while buying anything, it is important to value money for education as well. Education in the UK offers high value for your money. The United Kingdom is loaded with aspects like a high standard of living, quality education and facilities to lead the best life. The increasing demand for higher education in the United Kingdom is creating opportunities for students. The short courses offered by the British educational system are renowned for low tuition fees.

The tuition fee for undergraduate and postgraduate courses may range from $17,000-$25,000 which is the most affordable and worthwhile for what is being offered. Although the educational expenses like tuition fees, books and other academic-related expenses are primary expenses, the living expenses are equally important. However, a sensible and proper budget planning can aid financial problems. It is always ideal to watch the expenses while you’re in a host country. For expenses like accommodation, food, insurance, entertainment, travel and other necessities, on an average, each student needs $1,300-$1,600 to survive in the UK. (Depends on the factors: where and how you want to live). Enrol with the best UK Overseas education consultancy in Hyderabad to seek expert advice to plan your finances to immigrate to the UK for education.

Application Procedure for Study in UK:

UK universities offer a wide range of opportunities that inculcate the skills, knowledge and critical thinking capability to deliver the path of a successful career of students. Choose the best universities and programs that suit your budget, scholarship programs, accommodation and other factors

Here’s the application procedure to begin your studies in the UK.

Once you decide on your dream university, apply on the UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) website. .
Choose the course that you’ve been planning. Note down the unique UCAS code beside the course, which helps you to fill the application further.
You can apply for 5 universities at a time or 5 courses in the same university.
Submit the personal statement .
Apply well before the suggested deadlines depending on your intake

To get into the topmost university in the UK, you must be quick and updated about the deadlines of the university and several other factors. Some students tend to miss key aspects while applying that could lead to either delay or declination. To prevent this, proper guidance from expert UK Education Consultant like JMJ Education Services will make your admission process effortless.

Step by Step Guide to UK Visa Application:

Every year, UK welcomes 1000s of international students from around the world and a staggering number of student visa applications. Once you get an admission confirmation letter from the university, you can start your visa application procedure. Student visas are granted only for full-time courses with a tier 4 points-based visa system. Expert services are required to get your visa application granted by the scrutiny officers. Consult JMJ - Top Abroad educational consultancy in Hyderabad to make your visa application process hassle-free. Let us quickly take a look at the requirements and the procedure for an international student visa in the UK.

  1. Place all your documents in one place.

    Your updated passport .
    Latest passport sized color photographs.
    Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) certificate
    An English proficiency Test scorecard, preferably IELTS.
    Evidence of funds to provide your living expenses for the duration of your course.
    An Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate if you’re studying a sensitive subject (engineering or medicine).
    Tuberculosis screening (if required)

  2. Fill in the visa application form
  3. Pay the application fee00
  4. Visit the visa centre on an appointed date to submit the application and complete your biometric process.
  5. Book your Airways Ticket once you get the approval.

Generally, the cost for visa procedure in the UK is £348, while the short term UK visa application costs you £97. Most UK universities will ask you to enrol for a healthcare supplement of £150 per year (costs may vary).

JMJ Educational Services are Hyderabad’s top UK Education Consultants assisting study-enthusiasts to achieve their career goals. Let us guide you to your dream education in the United Kingdom

UK Government plans Covid-19 Vaccine for International Students

The UK has officially become the first western nation to use Covid-19 vaccine on its citizens categorizing who gets in the first line. The government has approved Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine after rigorous rounds of clinical tests on thousands of volunteers. The authorities from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have analysed and finally gave the nod to go ahead with the Pfizer vaccine. An important announcement came from the same governing body that international students will be able to access vaccination similar to how they access healthcare resources in the country.

How the UK Government Planning Vaccine Distribution?

The UK's government has introduced a priority based vaccine delivery system to its citizens. A Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has decided to give top priority to home residents and their care-givers. Old age population over 80 years fall in the second line of the hierarchy followed by people over 75 years and then the younger groups with health conditions are given importance in the order. The committee has not given the permission for children under the age of 16 and pregnant women at the moment, but they are taking up measures to ensure these sections of the population are allowed to take their vaccine shots safely.

UK Government’s Assurance to International Students

The international students in the UK are addressed by the government and guaranteed their commitment. The government has ensured that international students will be considered among the groups the vaccine is made available for. The universities minister - Michelle Donelan addressed the international students in an open letter and expressed gratitude and thanked everyone for keeping their patience in tougher times.

“I understand that international students may have additional questions as we approach the end of the 2020/21 autumn academic term. Whether you are currently at your chosen university or studying remotely from your home country, or plan to study here in the future, I am writing to you directly to provide you with support and guidance at this challenging time,” the minister said.

“Our borders are open for both returning and new international students wishing to study in the UK and our universities are looking forward to welcoming you to campuses in the new year,” Donelan reassures.

“We are committed to prioritising education and want to enable all students – domestic and international, current and prospective – that they can return to, or start new courses at our universities and will be able to engage in blended learning as soon as possible,” she adds.

This announcement has come out as an encouraging factor for the Indian student fraternity who are already in the UK and for the ones who are making arrangements to move there. Get in touch with us to launch your education plans in the UK.

Let the best UK Education Consultantshelp you join the best university in UK. Give us a call!