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Travel arrangements does not happen in a day or two travel arrangements begin the day you will decide that you are going abroad to study. Let’s start from the day one.

How to search a course? How to decide the course? Let me give you some tips to select course.

Admission process: after submitting the required documents the university will do verification from their side. As soon as they are done with the verification, they will issue the offer letter. Sometimes these offers come with conditions and we need to satisfy these conditions and then the universities will issue CAS letter. This means you are officially invited by the university to study.

Visa Application: Once you receive CAS letter without any delay you should start your visa application process. This can be done in our consultancy itself. Your visa application should be submitted and you should make the visa and health charges fee payment and then you will have to submit application and then the government will issue your Visa. This is the biggest step and you are all set to fly.

Book your tickets: Its always suggested that you will book your tickets at earliest. There are couple of reasons to do so. We can choose the best and comfortable seat to fly and if we book early the flight prices will be higher than the last-minute rush. So, suggesting you to book your tickets at earliest.

Know your destination: We cannot travel to an unknown place without prior knowledge about the weather, language, food culture and available resources. You need to research about it or we will guide you.

Pack your bags: this is huge thing to do. Isn’t it??? We should pack entire wardrobe along with food items which are essentials. Pack wisely don’t make bulky packing. Make a list of essentials which u cannot afford or which you do not get there. Regular clothes, accessories, instant food packs like Maggie, and very importantly for every one of us “AMMA CHETI VANTA” mom’s handmade food some masala powders instant mix etc. so that you can survive there till you get adjusted to the new taste. Make sure you pack all essential documents and keep passport in hand bag/ back pack so that it will be with you always. make sure that your bank passbook is up to date.

Contact the university: you need to update your travel date flight and time to the university as it is important.

Connect with other students: Try making friends now itself. Yes!! Before leaving to destination, you can make friends so that you can travel together. And can try to make accommodation arrangements together as there is a proverb “birds of same feather flock together” you both can make huge support to each other.

Get to know about local transport:as we know we cannot carry our bike along us. We need to travel in local transport service. We need to know about the timings routes and areas covered so that we can save on our available budget.

Don’t worry I will clear all the clouds. Let’s see types of accommodation you will be getting in abroad

Analyze your field of interest: we all can achieve anything only if we have interest. Select your favorite subject. Look for the courses which are available in the same subject area. List out the courses according to current trend to be successful. Once you are aware about the course details next step is applying. Apply to the universities: we are here to drop application behalf of you in the universities to the desired course. This process includes collecting your marks sheets, LORs, Passport Details, SOPs etc.


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