Overseas education is not only about filling admission forms and sending to different universities. It is a complex process involving an array of formalities, questions, and proceedings. You need to have a multifaceted eligibility to qualify for foreign education.

JMJ Educational Services extend the best of its expertise in counseling and training the students when they plan to take the biggest move of their career. We have well trained and qualified overseas counselors who provide proper guidance and support to shape up your career with correct decisions and effective implementations.

We guide you through the entire process of filling the form, applying for VISA, and giving formal training to face various interviews. We work on developing your personality, communication skills, command over English language, and presentation skills to make you adapt to the new culture and environment readily.


Almost all of the overseas colleges and universities demand for a good score in IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE or GMAT. We give training and leads to students as to how they can improve their scores with better preparation and planning. Our intact communication with previous students who are already in foreign countries help us to devise accurate measures to facilitate training and preparation of new students aspiring for overseas education. The experience and updated knowledge shared by them is counted crucial in guiding the students.

Anything related to training of students for foreign move is taken care by JMJ amalgamating its years of experience, qualified team, and an eye for excellence in whatever we do.

Interview Preparation

Unlike other consultancy we just don’t apply and get admission. We are with our students in every steps. Those who know us knows the fact. We have different teams for different task.
We have our own councilor to guide you to choose right course and university
We have admission team they work day and night to get you admission in the university you are looking forward.
We have another team who are into training our students to crack the university interviews and visa interviews. This training team will train students of any educational background and to which ever country they are trying to go. We prepare questionnaires according to university requirements and this will be done according to students’ subject, university and country.
We train students for

  • University interview
  • Visa interview

“We have answers for both the sets”

We understood the fact that facing interview is the toughest process in the entire admission process. So, we came up to support our students to clear the interviews and pave new way to their career.
With this many of our students clear the interview without a hitch.

  • How is it possible?
  • Do you Wanna know the reason?
  • Do you also want to work on it?
  • Or do you want tips?

We are here. as I said earlier students who start their admission process with us will get training sessions as many times as they need. Some students require one or two sessions and some may take more. We are happy to help our students.

  • What about students who applied by themselves?
  • How will they prepare for the interviews?
  • Who train them?

We are here again!!
We came up with the unique idea or keeping interview classes to the students who applied by themselves or students who already started processing from other institutes who lack support for the interview.
You guys can come to us.
We offer paid interview training to you all. You can see the package and opt the perfect one which suits you.

Special service for non-registered students
Plan Validity Facilities Amount
Minimal 3 Days Personalized Questionnaire + 1 Mock with Corrections 4500
Advance 5 Days Personalized Questionnaire + 1 Explination + 2 Mocks with Corrections 6000
Classy 7 Days Personalized Questionnaire + 1 Explination + 3 Mocks with Corrections 7000
“Trust us we don’t do differentiation between our enrolled students and non-enrolled students.”

You can ask me what are the aspects you cover.
I’m glad to say:
We understand students’ details like their educational background

  • Work experience
  • Course
  • University

Based on these and based on questions sample that we get from the universities we prepare individual questionnaires.
Along with preparing questionnaires we explain the answers as teachers in schools do

  • We train the student to face mock interview
  • Takes mock interviews
  • We don’t simply train you with the mugged-up version. We prepare you to face the interview with confident.
  • We help the students with basic grammar
  • Way of their appearance in front of the university while attending the interview
  • How to answer
  • Slight confidence booster
  • And many more

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