Travel arrangements

Travel arrangements does not happen in a day or two travel arrangements begin the day you will decide that you are going abroad to study. Let’s start from the day one.

How to search a course? How to decide the course? Let me give you some tips to select course.


Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is always considered as the added feather to your crown, isn’t it? Imagine the scope of respect you earn in your surrounding and among your relatives. You will be the king, a role model for younger ones in your close circle. Isn’t? along with these you will also get more benefits if you choose to study abroad. Come on friends let us have a look on the key benefits you will be getting.


University interview

Most of the universities are now conducting interviews to the students before offering the seat. As soon as you hear this there will be many questions raise in your mind

Let me address your quires one by one It is serious and important to crack the interview. Only after successful completion of the interview the university will grant you seat in their institute.


What is GTE? (Genuine Temporary Entrant)

Few among us will be aware of this and most may not be aware. Let me go with the majority of students who aren’t aware of “GTE”. GTE stands for Genuine Temporary Entrant. If I can put it in simple words GTE is the main element of the application submitting to the Australian universities.


Government Scholarship

Government of Telangana have issued a scheme to the under privileged students who are aspiring to study abroad and have capability to make difference.
CM’S OVERSEAS SCHOLARSHIP: Under this scheme the government of Telangana is giving scholarship of 20,00,000 INR or amount as per the offer letter issued to the student ...


Accommodation plan

You have all set to fly to your desired destination to study your course. Have started to look for accommodation? Don’t prolong it till you reach your destination.

Everyone knows what campus accommodation means it is getting university hostel. Most of the students opt for this as it will be easy and safe.