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Study in Australia

Australia, known for its vibrant landscapes, culture, and seashores, also holds a prominent position in world education with universities of diverse ranges committed to providing practical skills and knowledge to help students succeed in their chosen industry. As global demand for entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers boomed, the Australian education system adapted to new changes and altered its education system, and re-engineered the traditional training and teaching methods. This made Australia one of the pioneers in global education with massive educational reforms prioritize quality, creativity, and innovation.
The UN's global education index published Australia as the No.2 for quality education in the world, and students from 192 comprising about 583,243 were studying in Australia in the year 2017, showing the impact of Australia on global education.
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Why Study In Australia?

Australia, a global pioneer in education, holds many reasons to study there. But the main reason is its teaching and learning methods. Australian teaching methods involve meticulous research, experiential learning, and global exposure, making students problem-solvers. Here we listed top reasons to study in Australia:
You’ll be an innovative and agile thinker:
Australian universities and colleges make students innovative thinkers and problem solvers. They unleash the creative potential & make their students learn in practical ways for the future.
Australian colleges and universities will guide you with practical knowledge and theoretical explanation to help you succeed in the fast-changing world.
Study at globally ranked universities:
Australian institutes are designed to empower students with practical knowledge and make them successful in the global workforce. An Australian degree builds an exceptional impact on your profile.
Australian universities enrich their curriculum with work experience or internships for almost every degree, vocational course they offer, enabling students to learn industrial practices and standards.
Offers extensive student support facilities:
Australian universities offer an immense range of student support services throughout your study in Australia. Education providers should comply with government accreditation measures and quality control to ensure the best service to students who study in Australia.
Australia is a country with the lowest crime rates and best living standards. Australian streets and cities are open and safe, making Australia one of the best countries to live in
Simple Visa procedure:
Australian Visa processes are easy and simple, making it a top destination for Indian students. If you want to realize your dreams of studying in Australia, you need The best Australian overseas educational consultant services.
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Cost and accommodation in AUSTRALIA:

Australian education is adopted and enriched from the UK’s. Therefore the tuition fees are a bit higher in comparison with the rest due to its top-notch education standards. According to the official website, here is an estimation of tuition fees in Australia.
Undergraduate: $15,000-$38,000
Masters: $20,000-$37,000
Post graduate: $14,000-$37,000
The education streams like sciences, law, medicine, and psychology might be a bit higher than the depicted fees.
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Application procedure to study in Australia:

The application procedure for most Australian universities is the same. You need to apply for the desired university and degree with all your documents and rank cards. As Australian universities have a strict English requirement, you need to provide proof of English language proficiency. Here are the prerequisites for your Australian university application.
Application procedure to study in Australia.
Choose the best course and university among the plethora of opportunities in Australia.
Submit your application for the university.
Submit your graduation and other mentioned documents.
Submit your English language proficiency test certificate. Here are some lists that Australian universities officially recognized and accepted.
TOEFL Internet
Pearson Test of English (PTE)
University of Cambridge
VU English
After receiving your offer letter, you may plan your journey.

To enter Australia, you need a proper visa, documentation, and government approvals. And choosing the best university & the best course that complements your requirements and budget is not so easy all the time. To solve this problem, you might need the Best Australian educational consultant services in Hyderabad, Telangana.
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Visa procedure:

As said, you need a visa to enter and study in Australia. Based on your requirement and course duration, you may apply for a tourist visa of duration 12-weeks or a study or post-study work visa.
Proof of enrolment (your electronic confirmation of enrolment)
A valid passport
Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
Academic and work experience documents
Your English proficiency test scores
Income certificate
Health insurance policy
Statement of purpose
Passport sized photograph
Filed and attested visa application form
A visa fee of AUD575 is applicable for your visa application.
Applying for a visa is always a hassle as most people don’t know the processes or lack knowledge about the visa application. With JMJ, the best Australian educational consultant services in Telangana, Hyderabad, you can reach your Australian dreams.

Employment opportunities in Australia:

Being one of the most developed countries, Australia offers the best employment opportunities for the right candidates. And being the top Australian overseas educational consultant services in Hyderabad, Telangana, we ensure our students to be successfully studied and placed in Australia.
Australian government offers 20 hours of work on a student visa to support their education and themselves. As Australia is home to top universities and multinational companies, Studying here comes with a great opportunity of settling in Australia.
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Why JMJ?

JMJ is the best foreign education consultants in Hyderabad. To realize your dreams of studying in Australia, you need the best Australian educational consultant services in Hyderabad, Telangana. That’s JMJ for you! We offer the best consultancy services to help students who want to pursue their higher education in Australia, making us the prime list of top 10 Australia education consultants in Hyderabad.
Our consultants sharpen your profile and make it presentable
We will advise you on selecting your career, suggesting all the best universities suiting your career objectives, and disclosing the eligibility criteria
Our dedicated consultants help you with the application and visa procedure
Conduct a one-on-one student training program that provides all the relevant information about your education abroad
We all know how complex and time-taking the visa procedure can get without proper guidance. We also conduct demo visa-interview sessions that build your confidence
Our experts will give you pre-departure guidance; air ticketing, foreign exchange, accommodation, bank account, new sim-card, and other travel-related information.