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Outer world calls Australia, “The oldest continent”, “The last of lands” and more. This explains fascination with Australia’s landscape among historians, travellers and dwellers. Apart from the obsession with Australia’s culture, forging plains and vibrant blue waters, it is a home to a world class educational system. 33 of Australia’s educational institutions occupy a place in the QS World ranking of universities in 2019. Moreover, after leading global education providers like United States and the United Kingdom, Australia is ranked as the third largest provider of international/abroad education. As many as 192 nationalities comprising 583, 243 international students were studying in Australia in 2017. UN’s global education index published in 2016 valued Australia as 0.929, the second-highest in the world. Apart from these numbers, Australia has the sheer reputation of housing diverse and multi lingual students.
The University of Melbourne, Monash University, The University of New South Wales, RMIT University, The University of Sydney, Australian National University, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Adelaide are the top universities of Australia, which are considered ‘The best’ in the world as well.
Fun fact: There was a 2nd century legend of an unknown southern land which was then called Terra Australia incognita. The explorer Matthew Flinders named the land Terra Australia, which was later abbreviated to the current form.


Universities in Australia drive students towards meticulous research and practical crafting of skills. This is one the main reasons that makes it one of the most popular study abroad destinations for Indian students. Looking at more reasons to study in Australia like-
Affordability: Australian courses are shorter, more qualified and provide better exposure. Many of these courses are a lot cheaper when compared to other international counterparts.
Quality of education: Education in Australia is an ever evolving one. Courses and syllabus keep changing to compete with growing technology and innovation. Moreover, Australia uses latest technologies and gadgets to enhance the receiver of education. All smart phone savvy students have a carnival of time studying there.
Global recognition: Degrees obtained in Australia are recognised everywhere around the world. Many countries primarily prefer Australian educated students because of the speed and addictiveness of the students.
Safety: Most international students and parents have a primary concern of safety. Rest assured The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) ensures that the security of international students is the highest priority. In 1966 the Australian Government signed the Convention against Discrimination in Education which aims to combat racial discrimination in the field of education.
Simple visa procedure: Firstly, Australian governments reduced the time and documents needed to obtain Australian educational visa. Secondly, consultants in India and Hyderabad often point that getting an Australian Visa is an easy process. Lastly, we being one of the top 10 Australian educational consultants in Hyderabad provide the easiest of solutions.
Part time work and Job opportunities: Another huge advantage is the availability of part time jobs in Australia. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week. Meanwhile the US is focused on luring IT professionals and the UK no longer interested in doctors, Australia welcomes doctors and other thriving fields like agriculture, aeronautics, data analysis, cyber security, digital marketing, commercial analysis, software development, business development, architecture, event management, change analysis, civil design, social work, education, construction and property law, facilities management, customer engagement, and human resources.
Other: Indian community is huge and ever welcoming in Australia. It is quite easy to live a Desk life in Australia and the opportunities and support are endless.

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Cost and accommodation in AUSTRALIA:

It is a known fact that the Australian education is adopted from the UK’s. Therefore the tuition fee is expected to be slightly expensive with high educational standards. Consider this as your study investment which you’ll totally yield its benefits in the near future. Here is an approximate tuition fee to study in Australia, according to the official government website.
Undergraduate: $15,000-$38,000
Masters: $20,000-$37,000
Post-graduate: $14,000-$37,000
The educational streams like the medicine, science, law and psychology are a bit pricy when compared to other streams.
Australia offers a variety of vocational and language certificate courses charging approximately $300 per week.
How convenient is that?
The most important expense to include is definitely your tuition fee, but there are other things that you must consider while planning your budget. Living in an alien country will turn much easier if you learn how to manage your expenditure.
Living expenses- food, transport, gas, electricity, rent, internet, entertainment and others Academic expenses- books, stationery, etc are inevitable.
There are different kinds of accommodation facilities from campus hostels to individual apartments.
Approximately, it may cost AUD $21,041 per year over living expenses.
You can plan your budget depending on how luxuriously you want to live.

Application Procedure for Study in AUSTRALIA:

This factor varies across universities. However, most of them have a strict English language requirement. You will need to provide evidence that you have achieved one of the following levels of English language proficiency: however, to make your job easier, here is an overview of the application procedure to study in Australia.
1. Choose the course you would want to study and the best universities
2. Apply them in the honest way possible
3. Submit all the required academic and personal documents.
4. Submit your English proficiency test certificates. The below are some of the tests that Australian      government wants its international students to take.
TOEFL Internet
Pearson Test of English (PTE
University of Cambridge VU English
5. You will then receive an offer letter.
6. You may now plan your journey.

Visa procedure:

If your course is a short term one then you can apply a tourist visa for 12 weeks. However, for longer degrees, you need to obtain the student subclass 500 visas. The procedure to obtain student visa to study in Australia is
Proof of enrolment (your electronic confirmation of enrolment)
A valid passport
Your visa application fee
Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
Academic and work experience documents
Your English proficiency test
Income certificate
Your health insurance policy
Statement of purpose
Passport sized photograph
Fill the Visa form
As you’re applying outside Australia, you must pay AUD575 as your visa fee.

Employment opportunities:

Being the best consultancy for immigration to Australia in Hyderabad, we have been assisting many Indian students in obtaining employment opportunities in Australia. There are absolutely humongous job opportunities available to the students, especially for international students to support their living as well as to enrich their academic experience. Thanks to the government of Australia, on allowing 20 hours work time on every student visa. As Australia is the home to the top universities in the world, there is a cent percent job security worldwide after your graduation. Let’s look at some employment areas in Australia that you can opt during and after your academic program.
There are a handful of casual job vacancies (non academic) available for everyone, right from baby sitters to sales assistants. You will be paid on hourly basis. But, since your main intention to come abroad is to study, do not skip college.
Australia is one of the rapidly growing economic countries. There are many opportunities waiting out for you, especially after your graduation. If you intend to work after your program, simply apply for work visa and as soon as sanctioned, apply for the job. There is larger scope for your career anywhere around the world if you wouldn’t want to work in Australia as well.

Why choose JMJ Educational Services?

JMJ Educational Services are Hyderabad’s top overseas education consultants that have been assisting study-enthusiasts to achieve their career goals. The Australian universities have been in the limelight since the centuries and had set international standards in terms of education, science and technology and many other spheres over the past years. This has turned the Australia into a global hotspot of international students. At JMJ, our experienced and skilled Australia educational consultants in Hyderabad aid you in the most efficient way to see you accomplish your dream career. Here is a list of perks that we provide, keeping in mind the huge competition.
Our consultants sharpen your profile and make it presentable
We will advise you on selecting your career, suggesting all the best universities suiting your career      objectives and disclosing the eligibility criteria
Our dedicated consultants help you with the application and visa procedure
Conduct a one on one student training program that provides all the relevant information about your      education abroad
Conduct a demo visa-interview sessions that build your confidence
Our experts will give you a pre-departure guidance; air ticketing, foreign exchange, accommodation, bank      account, new sim-card and other travel related information.