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Canada is popularly known for its diversity, rich culture, prestigious educational system, and cosmopolitan cities. Offering world-class education with a wide range of degrees in numerous fields and disciplines, Canada turned out to be a dream destination for students all over the world. The courses in the English language give native and non-native students an excellent opportunity to learn.
The Canadian education system offers three degrees: Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate degrees. As an international student, you can pursue all of the courses if you meet the requirements. If you’re planning to study in Canada, you need the best overseas education consultants in Hyderabad for Canada.
JMJ Educational Services. With vast experience as one of the best foreign education consultants in Hyderabad, we can help you in reaching your dreams of studying in Canada.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is a land of opportunity and possibilities. Its booming economy, cosmopolitan cities, world-class education, cutting-edge technology, and accredited and valued degrees made Canada a dream destination for scholars. Candian education system allows you to learn according to the industry standards, which drives practical knowledge that is implemented in the field. Globally valued universities, premium lifestyle, and numerous employment opportunities during and post-study adds value to the question, Why study in Canada?
Here we listed top reasons why to study in Canada:

Excellent Education:

Canada’s education system is globally competitive, making it one of the most valued education systems in the world. Canadian universities follow high academic standards and studying there adds more value to your academic record.

High employment rate:

Canada, one of the most developed countries, with multiple tech giants and industries offering endless opportunities for skilled people. Studying in Canadian universities gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and a Canadian university degree adds more value to your candidature.

Lavishing student life:

Apart from the best on-campus life, Canada has so much to explore within. Cultural diversity, picturesque landscapes, ultra-modern cities, and delicious food make a lot of memories for you in Canada.

Care and Safety:

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. Studying in Canadian universities grants the same rights as Canadian citizens, making your student life in Canada more secure.
There are innumerable reasons to study in Canada. To pursue the right courses in the right universities, you need expert guidance to Study in Canada. With an amazing track record of being the best consultancy for Canada education in Hyderabad, JMJ Educational services can assist you in your study in Canada.

Student accommodation and cost of living in Canada:

According to a survey conducted by CBIE, as of the academic year 2018, there were 5.7 lakh international students in Canada, of which 30% were Indians. This speaks to the affordability factor of accommodation when compared to other developed countries. Canadian universities offer many options to live within the campus or in the city. You can choose what suits you and your budget.


The cost of living in Canada is subtle and reasonable. Compared to the rest, Canada is affordable to live in. Canadian universities offer residence in the hostels or university halls which is quite ideal and affordable. Depending on the location, you can even opt to rent a flat which is somehow costly.
Canada is a vast country with infinite options. You may need expert guidance to pursue and live in the country safely and successfully. JMJ Educational Services is the overseas education consultants in Hyderabad for Canada, helps you in every prospect of your Canadian education.

Application procedure:

It is a known fact that Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world. To secure your admission, apply early to your desired university. Here is a quick step-to-step guide to your Canadian University Application.
Know the requirements: Each university might have different requirements for each course. Here are a few prerequisites that your university will ask you-
Your Updated passport
An English/French proficiency test certificate
Income certificate
Academic Certificates
Letter of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose
Certificates of non-academic activities
Choose the course and institution:
Canadian universities offer a wide variety of courses. So, you have to choose the course and university depending on your budget and other factors.
Canada requires a language proficiency test. Tests accepted by Canadian Universities are TOEFL, IELTS. For French courses, DALF, DELF, or TCF and TEF.
Apply for Universities:

Visit the admissions portal of your desired university, start applying by submitting the prerequisites and paying the prescribed fee.
Confused about your application for admission to Canadian universities? Perhaps, you need expert guidance to complete your application and get admission. Being one of the top Canada overseas education consultants in Hyderabad, JMJ Educational Services will assist you with your Canada abroad educational services.

Visa Procedure:

Canada's visa procedures are simple & transparent. Unlike other developed countries. To avoid delay, you can apply for your visa prior to 3 months to the commencement of your course. Here, we listed the principal steps in your visa application.
1. Visit a Canadian embassy or apply it online, or you may even seek the help of Canada abroad educational services.
2. Gather your documents:
Letter of Enrolment
An updated passport
Income certificate
6 Passport size photographs
French/English proficiency certificates
Letter of explanation
Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ)
Custodian declaration (for minors)
3. Pay the application fee
4. Prepare and schedule an interview
5. Appear and clear the visa interview
6. After clearing the visa interview, you'd receive your offer letter & you may plan your journey accordingly.

Employment Opportunities in Canada:

Canadian Economy, ranked 10 in the world, shows the influence of strong industrial and technological advancements. Canada is home to major industries in all sectors, making a way to ever-growing employment opportunities. Studying in Canadian universities gives you an extra hand in your job search with an internationally reputed degree in your hand.


Students in Canada are permitted to work for up to 20 hours per week to support their education and themselves. With a vast demand for skillful experts, finding a part-time job or internship in Canada is not a big hurdle. With decent pay in almost every part-time job, you can curate expenditure for your living expenses in Canada.


After completing your course program, you can apply for a job from your university admissions panel, or you may find it on any job searching platform. You need to apply for a work permit visa to work legally in Canada.
Looking forward to work and settling in Canada? You might need expert advice to reach your career successfully. JMJ Educational Consultants help you in reaching your dream of studying in Canada. Being one of the best Canada Education Consultants in Ameerpet, Hyderabad, we help students to reach their goals.

Why JMJ?

JMJ is the best foreign education consultants in Hyderabad. To realize your dreams of studying in Canada, you need the Best Canada education consultants in Hyderabad, Telangana. That’s JMJ for you! We offer the best consultancy services to help students who want to pursue their higher education in Canada, making us the prime list of top 10 Canada education consultants in Hyderabad.
Our consultants sharpen your profile and make it presentable
We will advise you on selecting your career, suggesting all the best universities suiting your career objectives, and disclosing the eligibility criteria
Our dedicated consultants help you with the application and visa procedure
Conduct a one-on-one student training program that provides all the relevant information about your education abroad
We all know how complex and time-taking the visa procedure can get without proper guidance. We also conduct demo visa-interview sessions that build your confidence
Our experts will give you pre-departure guidance; air ticketing, foreign exchange, accommodation, bank account, new sim-card, and other travel-related information.