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You have all set to fly to your desired destination to study your course. Have started to look for accommodation? Don’t prolong it till you reach your destination.

Am I confusing you?

Don’t worry I will clear all the clouds. Let’s see types of accommodation you will be getting in abroad

  • Campus accommodation
  • Home stay
  • PGs
  • Room sharing

Everyone knows what campus accommodation means it is getting university hostel. Most of the students opt for this as it will be easy and safe.

What are home stays? Never heard? It is like a family makes space for your stay with some charges. You will get shelter, food from that family and you will be having a feeling of being in home

PGs they are private rooms which are available on weekly rental basis you will be getting different of rooms based you’re the financial affording capacity.

Room Sharing: this will be done everywhere; group of friends take a house or room for rent and share the expenses among themselves.

Based on your choice you can look for accommodation in many ways like

Online websites: Now a days everything is online. You can look for the suitable rooms and roommates as well in online and this will be easier to do while you are still in India itself. It is one of the safe methods of searching for rooms in unknown places without being clumsy.

Help from university:Most of the universities will have their own accommodation facilities to its students and if some universities which do not have self-accommodation can help their students with guiding them to nearby student friendly weekly rented rooms and you can even trust with the university opinion as well.

Ads on newspapers:If you have reached your destination and later you are looking for the accommodation then you can try looking for the ads which will be published on newspapers and other magazines.

Contacts: This makes great deal. You can search for suitable rooms with the help of the contacts you have in that country. these contacts can contact their contacts and help you in finding proper and comfortable stay.

Study abroad consultants: Yes, we!! We can help you in finding rooms suitable to you like good and comfortable, near to university, near to Indian hotels (we cant sustain with breads always right) etc., based on your requirements.

You can find proper accommodation with these criteria:

Location: your stay should be near to university as you will be majorly commuting to classes than anywhere else.

Safety: this is very important to anyone. All sort of safety should be considered while taking a place for rent or PG. one should be aware of all emergency contact numbers.

Type of accommodation:decide earlier which type of accommodation you want to take.

Set budget: everything looks good I know, but which one will look good according to your finance and budget. Try to get that.

Read the rent agreement promptly: all the details and rules and regulations will be written in that agreement you need to read it and then sign or accept it. Once u sign you cannot change anything.

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