US is the most opted destination hosting over 500000 international students attributing to the some of its world class universities and post study work opportunities. Despite being stringent with its recent change in immigration policies and laws, US still remains as the country with majority of international students. We are collaborated with over 100 US universities in various regions. US Universities are globally recognized for their excellence in the fields of teaching and research offering wide range of options for students planning to pursue their higher education.
Study in some of the world’s best universities with scholarship
Study in a most culturally diverse nation
Best employment prospects after completion of studies
31 of World’s top 100 universities are in USA
Customize your course work and avail academic flexibility to suit your goals



US offers wide range of globally recognized universities where courses meet each unique demand of the      world wide students.
Students get variety of academic options right from Russian history to nuclear physics.
Institutions in America adapt a global focus preparing its students with an international perspective.
Academic programs are highly flexible allowing students to choose number of classes, enroll in given      number of classes per semester or quarter conforming to each student’s individual need.
International students can get scholarships from US universities based on their merit, extracurricular      achievements, need, and talent.
Universities in USA have affiliations with employers and researchers providing students an opportunity to      get hands-on training and experience.
US education system allows learning while earning.
Studying in US can make you stand out in the international job market.



Good scores in TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT.
Twelve years of formal education for undergraduate programs and 15 or 16 years of education for masters      program.
Recommendation letter and certificate of achievement in extra curricular activities.
Statement of purpose.
Transcript of previous academic records.