We JMJ Educational services are the best Canada educational consultancy in Hyderabad has gained fame due to its high academic Visa provider types and quick and easy control methods. It offers PG Diploma Courses along with the conventional Bachelors and Masters. Government subsidizes educations thereby making it a financially affordable option for various international students. Post study work opportunities along with settlement options are abundant as there is a shortage of skilled labour in Canada. It is often considered as a health and safe community with high standards of living compared to the other western nations.
Study 2 years PG courses at an affordable price.
Immigrant friendly country with great number of work opportunities.
Consistently ranked as one of the best places in the world to live in terms of health & safety.
High Academic standards that guarantee quality education.
Abundant research opportunities funded by the government.
Gain a globally recognized degree.



Canada’s high academic standards and superb quality control ensures a highly recognized qualification      which builds career for long-term.
It offers high educational diversity and quality with more than 150 colleges and institutions and more than      90 non-profit University Choices.
Wide range of programs available from certificates to diplomas, associate degrees, degrees, masters, and      doctorate.
Canada extends huge support to international students with as much as 150,000 foreign students entering      for a period of six months or more.
Education in Canada is enriched with research projects, field work, extra-curricular activities, and much      more.
Education in Canada Universities and Colleges is subsidized by the government hence tuition fee is relatively affordable as compared      to other western nations.
Canada provides work while study offers after 6 months of full time academic study.
Students can get post-graduation work permit for three years after diploma or degree.
Canada provides a healthy and safe community with high standards of life.



A GMAT score of 630 and above, TOEFL score of 80 – 100, or IELTS score of 6.5 and No band less then 6.
More than 70% in Bachelor’s degree to get admission in Masters program.
Statement of purpose mandatory for graduates and optional for undergraduates.
Affidavit of financial support from sponsor or parents.
Recommendation letters from professors or employers.
Transcriptions of academic records from college or university.
Certificates of extra curricular activities.